Welcome to The Cleansing Breath

At The Cleansing Breath Energy Healing of Maryland, we are a team of dedicated healers not only serving the community, but advancing the research of energy healing. Our modalities include:

Medical Reiki - A professional level Reiki modality used for treating physical and emotional pain
Japanese Reiki - Adding energy for pain management and stress relief
Karuna Reiki - An advanced form of Reiki used for deep healing
Shamanic Reiki - Extracting objects and beings from the energetic body
House Clearings - Removing the negitive energies built up in the home




Medical Reiki Classes
This 11 month intensive training
program is designed to teach Reiki to those those are dedicated to healing and wish to become a Medical Reiki Professional. Next class will begin September of 2015
See our Classes page for more information.




For an appointment call 240-247-7399 or email TheCleansingBreath@gmail.com
All sessions and class are located at Neighborhood Acupuncture, 345 Main Street, Laurel MD.