Welcome to The Cleansing Breath

At The Cleansing Breath Energy Healing of Maryland, we are a team of dedicated healers not only serving the community, but advancing the research of energy healing. Our modalities include:

Energy Sensing and Healing (ESH) - Tactile energy healing
Japanese Reiki - Adding energy for pain management and stress relief
Karuna Reiki - An advanced form of Reiki used for deep healing
Mindful Pain Management - Learning to control your own pain
Chinese Meridian Healing - Energy sending using 5 Element Theory
Shamanic Reiki - Extracting objects and beings from the energetic body
House Clearings - Removing the negitive energies built up in the home

New Classes are available! See our Classes page for more information.

For an appointment call 240-247-7399 or email TheCleansingBreath@gmail.com
All sessions and class are located at Neighborhood Acupuncture, 345 Main Street, Laurel MD.