Healing Sessions



Medical Reiki Sessions
TCB Reiki sessions are usually 60 minutes long and are done fully clothed on a massage table. During these sessions we work on general healing as well as specific problems. We also help the overall energy flow by working out blockages and removing excesses in the energy. In addition to specified problems, we add energy to the whole body to create a healthier energetic field. The result of this can be pain and stress reduction and increased overall health. House calls are available for an additional fee.
Fee for a Medical Reiki session is $65 or $60 prepaid below. Weekly sessions are available at a reduced proce of $50 a session. Cash, check and credit card accepted at time of service.

Reiki Session



Energy Extractions
When a person is ill or in pain for a long period of time with no western medical explanation of why, often times the cause is an energetic object blocking the flow of energy. These objects can be picked up from our environment, other people, experiences or previous times. In more extreme cases, the object attached can even be sentient. In either case, the process to heal such is an extraction session. These sessions are usually very intense and take a couple hours. During the session, the healer finds the object, recognizes its purpose, removes it safely, and disposes of it in a way that can no longer be harmful to the client or anyone else. If you think this may be your situation, contact The Cleansing Breath so that we may discuss your situation and possible options.

Fee for an extraction session is $150.

Extraction Session


House Clearings
People aren't the only ones who get blockages, objects, beings and disruptive energy. After strife, negative energy can form and cause problems in the house hold. This can show up as negative emotions when standing in a particular room, sleep apnea, objects moving on their own, electricity malfunction and strange pet behavior. During a house clearing, the energy of the house of cleaned and protected by the healer, ridding the house of the previous issue. If you think this may be your situation, contact The Cleansing Breath so that we may discuss your situation and possible options.
Fee for a house clearing is $200.

House Clearing


Mindful Pain Management Consultation
TCB now offers Mindful Pain Management consultations for those who experience chronic pain. This is done in private session to guide you through pain understanding, body awareness and how to lessen chronic and acute pain. We use these skills to be able to control how the our body functions and improve our overall health. TCB founder Greg Lemich has used these techniques from major head surgery recovery to being able to walk again. See MyStory page for further.
Initial consultation is 2 hours for $95. Follow-up consultations are one hour at $60.

Mindful Pain Management